Sunday, 5 October 2008


I have never been good at introductory posts. When I started to write the first draft of this post I realised that I always include certain details but, at the same time, there are things that I never include. I have never thought to include my race (white) or orientation (straight) or my political leanings (liberal), etc. I always include my age(28), my sex (female), and my rough geographical location (Scotland). I usually include some clause or word that are there to say "please don't hurt me" and "please don't take me too seriously". These last two have been included out of fear, out of the desire to avoid those words from my family that basically tell me that I Am Wrong when I say things they don't agree with. Things like: "Threatening to hit women for disagreeing with you makes you a misogynist asshole, oh yeah and ABUSIVE, not just a funny jokey bloke" or "Women will never be treated as equal to men while the media is full of messages that brainwash us (male and female) into thinking that women are less than people and that their physicality is more important than any other aspect of their being" or even asking "How come practically everyone on tv is straight, white and beautiful?"

I'm here because I'm sick of feeling like I can't speak my mind. I'm bored of trying to talk to the people in my life about the things I see and think only to be told I'm being hysterical, I'm taking things too seriously, or I'm just plain overreacting. I'm not fucking overreacting.


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