Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Things That Piss Me Off, Part The Third.

False Advertising

It's a new season. I like to look at clothes and pretty pretty underwear. Because I like wearing things that are pretty. So I go to Evans Online, Evans being about the only store I can walk into and everything in it I can wear (whether or not I would wear it is a whole other ballgame)... or at least it used to be that everything in it I could wear because, apparently, they've decided they're not stocking pretty bras in my size anymore.

But it's worse than that because of how they advertise their bras on their website:

I've marked on the picture what my problem is. In the top right hand corner of the picture that leads you into the different sections of bras it says "Bras available in sizes 38-50, cups B-H" which fills you (or at least me) with happiness because at least two of the bras they've chosen to showcase here I kinda like. But, here's the thing, none of those bras there actually go up to the 50H size. The multiway goes up to a 46E, the babydoll 46F (the matching bra in the range also only goes up to this size), the basque is either a 42G or a 48E in sizes, while the plain old boring white one goes up to a 40F. These sizes are based on what their own website says they go up to. And not one of them would fit me.

Going into the matching set section because, and I repeat, I like pretty things and I especially like pretty things that have matching other pretty things, there are nine bras with matching knickers and one bra (the one I've mentioned already) that has a matching babydoll, knickers and suspender belt. I really like that last set, but, as I said, can't have. Of these ten sets there are two that I can have there is the Black bra with gorgeous silver floral embroidery. and Beautiful black co-ord bra with teal embroidered detail. The teal one's alright I guess but it's not the black one with sparkly bits or the pink sparkly one or the other black sparkly one. (I know that's not all of them but I don't like the other ones.)

The thing that really gets me, however, is that a couple of months ago I could buy any of the bras on Evans website- not the basques or the babydolls or the corsets but the bras I could have- but now, a couple of months later, they've decided that I'm not to be catered for. I have bought matching sets from them before. I have bought matching sets with suspender belts before. I've tried on a multiway bra that actually fit but now I need to loose 2 inches off my back and go down 2 cup sizes to be able to even try on the multiway bra... and that's not even taking into account that I had to go up one backsize and a cupsize to get the old multiway to fit. But now, apparently, I'm not allowed the option to buy one.

Evans has been, for me, the only place I could get clothes that weren't hideous either in style of price. It has been the only place I could get underwear and sleep wear that wasn't boring and unattractive. I felt betrayed when they started stocking smaller sizes but I let it go because they still stocked clothes in my size. I felt annoyed when the clothes became less well made, when manufacturing flaws became the norm and when the clothes started falling apart quicker because they have been fine with exchanges up to this point. But now they're taking away products that before I was allowed, and that just makes me furious.

But, you know what, I have to keep shopping there. Because there's nowhere else.

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